Email forms in CarDealerPress


Do not use the default forms in the CarDealerPress plugin. They are no longer supported for new sites and are in the process of being removed from older sites. CarDealerPress integrates with GravityForms and we recommend that is what you use.

Since the goal of a car dealer site is to generate leads and contacts, email forms are very important.

CarDealerPress is built to directly integrate with GravityForms so we highly recommend this is what you use. You can pass vehicle data with data hooks, send notifications, send ADF notification, and then add the forms directly onto the VDP and SRP. If you choose to use another form plugin it is still possible to integrate, but will require a bit of javascript to get working. We have a tutorial for ContactForm7 that you can use for ContactForm7 or modify for the form plugin you decide to use. We, of course, can't guarantee that all form plugins will work other than GravityForms.