Insert Forms Onto VDP and SRP

Add main forms to SRP and VDP

There is one "main" form for the VDP and SRP for each of the themes. When using GravityForms it is just a matter of inserting the corresponding GravityForms ID in the desired location. See the screenshot below.

Additional VDP Forms

If you'd like to add more than one form on the VDP page you can do so under in Settings > Forms.


Adding a form to the "Sorry, no results found..." page.

This is the page that displays when there aren't any vehicles to match a specific query.


As soon as you add the form above, you will see it show up on the page below.



Do not use the default forms in the CarDealerPress plugin. They are no longer supported for new sites and are in the process of being removed from older sites. CarDealerPress integrates with GravityForms and we recommend that is what you use.