Flamingo Inventory Theme

The Flamingo inventory theme for CarDealerPress is a premium theme built by DealerTrend. We decided to create the Flamingo theme shortly after creating our CarDealerPress Theme Extender. We did this for two reasons; 1) to create a working example of how to use the CarDealerPress Extender, and 2) to have a "modern" inventory theme that we could continue to evolve for our clients that don't want to develop their own.

The Flamingo theme has been built with the most advanced technologies available for functionality, speed, and SEO:

  • HTML5
  • Ajax
  • Flex box CSS
  • Schema.org markup
  • XML sitemap
  • Video XML sitemap
  • Dynamic SEO (SEO titles and meta descriptions)
  • Fully responsive
  • Gravity Forms integration
  • Dynamic payment display
  • VDP Google Map
  • Top Search or Left Sidebar Search display options