Passing Vehicle Data With Hooks - GravityForms

When a potential car buyer completes a lead form on the website, it is desirable to know which vehicle they are interested in. It is even possible to have this information parse into a specific field within the dealership's CRM if they have one. To make this easier CarDealerPress has built in hooks for GravityForms. Follow the screenshots below to pass vehicle data into the email leads.

CarDealerPress hooks for GravityForms

A full list of available data hooks can be found in the CarDealerPress plugin under Settings > Forms (screenshot below). This is where you can also create additional VDP forms.


Create form(s) with vehicle attributes

Determine which vehicle attributes that you want from the list of available hooks and add them to your form(s).


Set the hooks

We suggest that you use the 'Single Line Text' from the 'Standard Fields' within GravityForms for these fields. This way you can toggle the 'Visibility' to test on the front end of the site. So when in 'Visible' mode you would see the SaleClass of the respective vehicle. You can also use 'Hidden' fields if you'd like.

Either way, you will add the hooks by allowing the field to be populated dynamically and adding the desired hook as the 'Parameter Name'.



Do not use the default forms in the CarDealerPress plugin. They are no longer supported for new sites and are in the process of being removed from older sites. CarDealerPress integrates with GravityForms and we recommend that is what you use.