Creating custom tags

There are times when you will want to segment your inventory that may be unconventional. Vehicles that have been in inventory for over 40 days and under $10,000 dollars for example. In these cases, you can create a custom tag in the Vehicle Marketing System (VMS) that can then be filtered on the site with a query param.

Go to Inventory within VMS

Select the Icons / Tags tab

Name your tag and upload an image

For the best results, make sure and use underscores or hyphens to connect multiple words. This is because this name will end up as part of the URL parameter.

The ideal icon size is 60 x 60 pixels in VMS. This should represent the tag as best you can. Example: Classic Car would probably be an image of a classic car.

Once you have added your custom tag, add it to a vehicle or two for testing. To see a dynamic list of tagged vehicles you will need to add the specific query parameter to the URL.