Deeplink inventory with tags and query params

There are times when you will want to create direct links to specific inventory. Example: Used Trucks under $15,000 or AWD cars. Below is a list of default search parameters. You can also create custom tags/params if you want.

NOTE: We have recently implemented the 'tag' keyword within the CarDealerPress plugin to replace 'icons'. If you are currently using 'icons' it will continue to work. For SEO consistancy we do recommend that you change to 'tag' as soon as you can.

example: /?icons=special and /?tag=special will produce the same result. 

Customize Inventory options

If you need to know how to create a 'Custom Link' on the menu visit, Adding Menu Links for Inventory

Note: “New” “Used” are interchangeable (if you leave out "New" or "Used" it will search through all inventory NOTE: we recommend using /New/ or /Used/ in all links to avoid duplicate content and bad usability).

  • New – /inventory/New/
  • Used – /inventory/Used/
  • Truck – /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=truck
  • Reg cab – /inventory/New/?search=Regular+Cab&vehicleclass=truck (you can use the '?search=  ' like any normal search field.)
  • Crew cab – /inventory/New/?search=Crew+cab&vehicleclass=truck
  • Extend Cab – /inventory/New/?search=Extended+Cab&vehicleclass=truck
  • Car – /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=car
  • SUV’s – /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=sport_utility
  • Price Range – /inventory/Used/?price_from=0&price_to=10000 (can change values to what ever you want)
  • Sold - /inventory/Used/?show_sold=t
  • Year Range - /?year_from=2008&year_to=2009
  • Milage Range - /?mileage_from=10000&mileage_to=20000


These are the default tags in VMS, you can create your own. These are all set as 'Used', but can be applied to 'New' vehicles also.

  • Certified – /inventory/Used/?certified=Yes
  • Special – /inventory/Used/?tags=special
  • On Sale - /inventory/Used/?tags=on-sale
  • Gas Saver – /inventory/Used/?tags=gas-saver
  • Cherry Deal – /inventory/Used/?tags=cherry-deal
  • Good Deal – /inventory/Used/?tags=good-deal
  • Low Miles – /inventory/Used/?tags=low-miles
  • One Owner – /inventory/Used/?tags=one-owner
  • Sale Pending – /inventory/Used/?tags=sale-pending
  • Custom Wheels – /inventory/Used/?tags=custom-wheels
  • Hybrid – /inventory/Used/?tags=hybrid
  • Local Trade In – /inventory/Used/?tags=local-trade-in
  • Moon Roof – /inventory/Used/?tags=moon-roof
  • Navigation – /inventory/Used/?tags=navigation
  • Priced to Go – /inventory/Used/?tags=priced-to-go
  • Rare – /inventory/Used/?tags=rare
  • Under Blue Book – /inventory/Used/?tags=under-blue-book
  • Won’t Last – /inventory/Used/?tags=wont-last

Automatically added tags

  • ?tags=leather-seats
  • ?tags=navigation
  • ?tags=moon-roof
  • ?tags=backup-camera
  • ?tags=panoramic-roof

Drivetrain Parameters

  • ?drivetrain=AWD
  • ?drivetrain=4WD
  • ?drivetrain=RWD
  • ?drivetrain=FWD


How to add custom icons/tags