Understading the Car Buyer

Success for a car dealer means more sales and more happy car buyers. For you to be successful with car dealers you will need to understand how car buyers move through the buying process online. Fortunately, there is a lot of quality information available to help us.

When it comes to sales, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. By having a good knowledge of an industry you can help your clients get results which in turn creates a level of confidence that will help you close more sales.

Google Resources

From the horse's mouth. Even though Google's intent is to get advertisers to spend money on PPC and Display Marketing, they are the 800lb gorilla and the information that they provide on how consumers buy online can be used for multiple forms of marketing. The following PDFs are must reads if you haven't read them already. 

Website: Think with Google Automotive:

Google paper: Digital Drives Auto Shopping

Google paper: The Five Shopping Moments

Google paper: ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth: ZMOT has is a few years 'old' now, but still very relevant in understanding how people search and buy online.

Google paper: ZMOT Automotive study: Once again a few years old, but still a good read when working with digital market, and especially for car dealers.


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    Thanks Mike… Great Info!

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