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At DealerTrend, we have been building solutions that allow car dealers to take control of their digital presence since 2001. For years we have watched car dealers move from one vendor to the next in hopes of getting a competitive advantage. In this time we have learned that the most successful dealers usually have a person or team close to home helping them succeed. Whether it's their local marketing company or someone in-house.

Auto-Matic-Marketing has been built as a training site to duplicate that success. Hire someone internally to manage your site(s) or outsource the work to a local agency. Either way, we have created a blueprint for your success here on

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When it comes to digital marketing, not all niches are equal. Car dealers have specialized needs and software to marketing their inventory online. At DealerTrend, we have been working with car dealers for 16 years and have the software and tools you will need to have success.

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