Settings > Theme for default themes


For the default inventory themes in the CarDealerPress plugin, you can do the following things.

  • Change Theme: Select desired theme
  • Standard Equipment: on/off Standard Equipment is what the base equipment was when the vehicle was brand new. NOTE: Sometimes the vehicle will have upgraded equipment from this list.
  • Display Tags: on/off will show embellishment icons.
  • Display Geo Search: For Auto Mall sites that have dealers across multiple cities/states.
  • Add Geo Zip to Search: Adds an additional filter for multiple dealers in the same city.
  • Display Similar Vehicles: Shows similar vehicles on the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP).
  • Hide Certified Class: This removes the certified filter for dealers that don't offer certified vehicles.
  • Default Photo/Video Tab: For dealers that have videos of their vehicles this will show the video (or photos) first on the VDP by default.
  • Default Vehicle Info: The VDP has Dealer Notes and Vehicle Options tabs, this will determine which is active by default.
  • List Info Button: Changes the label for the details link on the Search Results Page (SRP).
  • List Form Button: Changes the label on the SRP for the form.
  • List Form ID: Add your GravityForm ID for the list page form here.
  • Detail Form ID: GravityForm ID for the VDP page form.