Custom sorting with the Flamingo theme

Every dealer has a different focus, lifted trucks, medium-sized sedans, highline vehicles, or even a combination. Which vehicles are most important to market can even change for a weekend or a day. Because of this, we have added a custom sorting function to the Flamingo theme.

The idea is simple. Choose the vehicles that should be at the top on any relevant inventory page and apply a custom sort to make that happen.

To manage and create custom sorts, go to the CarDealerPress Admin > Inventory Settings > Sort.

  1. Set your desired 'Default Sort Filter'. This will apply to all vehicles that aren't accounted for in a custom sort or if you don't have any custom sorts set.
  2. Choose the filter criteria that you want. Note: 'Dealer' is only applicable for Auto Mall accounts.
  3. Set the 'Sort Value'. This is important if you have more than one custom sort. Lower values go to the top.
  4. Name your custom sort to easily identify it later.
  5. Save/Apply your sort.