CarFax Tutorial

  1. how CarFax works with CDP - To turn on CarFax within the CDP plugin send request to
  2. how to add CarFax snapshot

Known Issues:

  • Vehicle Report not showing when clicking on the link:
    • The reason those links are not showing a CARFAX report is because the VIN’s aren’t “active.” What that means is the dealer has not run the CARFAX report on that vehicle, which is how the report would be unlocked for consumers. If the dealer runs that report for those VIN’s, the free report should be available.
    • In order to run the report and make the vehicles 'active' the dealer would just need to login to their CARFAX account on From there, all they would need to do is run the report for the VIN in question and that is what will unlock it to consumers. Wherever that dealer is advertising that vehicle, the CARFAX report will then be free for consumers to view.