Create targeted pages for Search and Conversion

Good SEO is a function of providing quality content and marking/tagging it properly. When it comes to adding quality content, links to related and relevant content is a bonus.

With the CarDealerPress plugin, you are able to add filtered inventory to a page or post with a shortcode. So let say you create a blog post on the resell value of trucks in your area. You could then add a shortcode showing a few trucks that are in inventory. The shortcode will pull in live inventory to the post and link to the respective VDP. Watch the video below to learn how.

How to add the inventory_list shortcode to a page/post video

Suggested uses:

  • Add 'Featured Vehicles' on individual dealer's directory pages.
  • Add 'Similar Vehicles' to blog posts about respective vehicles.

inventory_detail shortcode

The vehicle detail shortcode display is an infinite scroll display of inventory. This works great if you want to keep the user on a single page.

Note: CSS styles for shortcodes do NOT use the "Styles" section within the plugin.