Need an inventory subscription?

For the Dashboard to work, you will need a DealerTrend inventory subscription. If you don't have one already, you can subscribe here.

* After purchase we will send you an email requesting feed information.

Auto-Matic-Marketing Marketing Dashboard

Simple and to the point. The Auto-Matic-Marketing Dashboard is dynamic car dealer inventory in Google Sheets.

Current functionality

  • Dynamic inventory population of sheets
  • Pre-built Sheet for a Facebook Product Catalog feed*
  • Custom formulas for creating personalized inventory views
  • Ability to create your own reports and charts

* The Facebook feed only works with the CarDealerPress plugin on a WordPress site. This is because the return URL is built to open the vehicle detail page (VDP) for a vehicle on a CarDealerPress website only. NOTE: We are working on a way to build custom return URLs for a future release.

See links in this section for details on how to setup.

Future releases: Over the next several months we will continue to add features to the Auto-Matic-Marketing Dashboard. One of our top priorities is the ability to create dynamic text ads in Google Adwords. Creating a low cost and targeted marketing campaign to deep link into Vehicle Detail Pages.

We will also show you how to pull your Google Analytics data into the sheet for some detailed reporting.